At Burlish Park Primary School, we strive to build foundations to enable every child to become literate, preparing them for secondary school and to enable them to become successful in their later lives. The English teaching we provide should allow all children to fulfil their potential while giving them the skills to understand and use language in all its aspects.

We aim to engage all children in high quality learning experiences in order to foster passions for life long reading; while providing the confidence to communicate effectively in both speech and writing.

Believing literacy has the power to enrich lives, we will strive to ensure every child develops the confidence and competence to embrace literature in its many forms.

Our aim is to ensure that we deliver, as a minimum, the statutory National Literacy Curriculum 2014 in a fun and engaging way which enables all children from whatever background and of whatever ability to emerge from Burlish Park equipped to take advantage of all opportunities that present themselves.

Reading Scheme
At Burlish Park Primary we follow a colour book banded reading scheme. The books begin with lilac which are books without words. These encourage children to tell a story in their own words, using the pictures to guide them. Following this, children work through the colours red, pink, yellow, blue, green and so on, as their phonic knowledge, then word reading develops.

After the children have worked through the coloured bands, they are guided to choose from a selection of chapter books at a level appropriate to their individual level.

Throughout the school, children visit the library each week and are able to choose any story book or non- fiction book that interests them.

Curriculum Overview Grammar
Year Group Targets – Reading
Year Group Targets – Writing
Glossary of Terms
Why read?
Recommended reads for children
World Book Day – 50 reads
Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation Terminology
100 books children should read before leaving Primary School