At Burlish Park Primary children are taught to read and write through the scheme Read Write Inc.

Our website is now full of information about how the scheme teaches your child to read and write and what you can do at home to help your child on their journey.

Read Write Inc is a complete literacy programme designed for children who are learning to read and write.

Children in Nursery are taught the first 30 sounds needed to read in short daily sessions. Children in Reception and KS1 are taught new sounds daily. The sounds are then practised through reading single words, whole sentences and finally storybooks which are closely matched to their developing phonic knowledge. Children learn to spell words using known sounds and develop their writing by practising what they want to write by saying it out loud first. Working with a partner is an important part of Read Write Inc.

Our Read Write Inc Leader is Mrs Bryan. If you have any questions about the scheme or your child please see Mrs Bryan or your child’s class teacher.

Once children have become fluent readers they move on to the Ruth Miskin Literacy and Language scheme. This programme compliments and follows on from Read Write Inc and focuses on the development of reading and writing after children are competent readers and writers. Although we have only introduced it recently,  it is already having a very positive effect in children’s reading, writing and speaking and listening.

Click here for printable information on Read Write Inc and on helping your child read.