The purpose of the Governing Body is to maintain and improve the quality of the education and standards of achievement in the school.

Bullish Park Primary School

Mrs Suzy Humphries

Chair of Governors
Co-opted Governor

I am a Co-opted governor and I have been the Chair at Burlish Park Primary School since 2009 also working with several committees including Curriculum, Finance and Premises. I have served on several staff appointment boards including the ones for our current Head and Deputy. My background is in Finance as I head the UK accounts team of a global company so I am keen to ensure we have the budget to meet our needs in the current challenging times. I have been a governor for the past sixteen years for local Wyre Forest Schools, originally for a Middle School and so have seen lots of changes in that time probably the most recognisable the building of our new school.

I want all our children to enjoy their time at Burlish Park Primary School, achieve to their potential and at the end of their time with us leave equipped and ready to meet the challenge of their next phase in life.

Mrs Faye Baker

Vice Chair of Governors

Co-opted Governor

As a recent addition to the Governing body, I am a Co-opted governor at the start of a four year term. I have two sons, one is at High School and the other is in Year 5 at Burlish Park Primary. On a professional basis, I work within operations and systems focusing on projects and finance and hope to utilise these skills in support of the school.

Bullish Park Primary School

Mrs Kerry Postans


Miss Ella Clarke

Elected Staff Governor

I work at Burlish Park Primary as a Year 3 classroom teacher and it is my second year on the school governing body as a staff governor. It is brilliant to have this link with the staff and governors as it develops an understanding of both parts. The role involves me reporting back on life within school to the governors and also forming the link between the teaching staff and governors. This is key so that there is a fluid line of communication between the two bodies at all times.

As a staff governor, it is important that I explain the various roles played by a class teacher, so that governors fully comprehend what the role of teaching entails in and outside of the classroom.

It is fantastic to be involved with and work together with the governors who are committed to making our school the best it can be. Together, the staff and governors continue to strive for brilliance and continue to ensure the school goes from strength to strength.

Bullish Park Primary School
Bullish Park Primary School

Mrs Debbie Mound

Co-opted Governor

I am a parent of two daughters who attend Burlish Park Primary School. I have been a parent governor for three years, but after recent reconstitution of our governing body, have now become co-opted governor at the start of a new four year term. I am passionate about maintaining high standards in all aspects of school life, but have particular interest and responsibility for special educational needs and disabilities, gifted and talented, and spiritual and moral learning. I am a qualified teacher, currently working in another local primary school as a teaching assistant where I enjoy helping to narrow the gaps in learning for SATS, encouraging children to achieve their best individual potential and supporting children with learning difficulties. I am also employed by Barnardos as a family support worker, looking after children with special needs.

Mrs Tracey Boxall

Co-opted Governor

I am a recent addition to the school’s governing body as a co-opted governor and have just started a four year term.
I have been linked to the school for many years as my eldest daughter went from reception through to year 6. She left for high school in 2012 and I now have my youngest daughter in year 3; both have been very happy here.  I was a Legal Executive for many years prior to leaving the profession to focus on my family. I have a particular interest in health and safety and feel that my knowledge and experience will be beneficial to the school. I am on the Teaching and Learning committee and also Premises and Health and Safety.

Bullish Park Primary School
Bullish Park Primary School

Mrs Sarah Bayliss

Co-opted Governor

I am a new Governor having started my four year term in the Summer. I have a son at the school who has just started year 3. Professionally, I spent many years in the legal profession specialising in litigation and finance. I have also  been heavily involved in a number of funded projects for the local community and I hope to be able to use my experience in this particular area together with the skills acquired during my career to benefit the school.

Mrs Keren Kelly

Parent Governor

I am a Parent Governor at Burlish Park Primary. I have a son who has just started in year one and a daughter born earlier this year. I have worked in the private sector for over 12 years, covering a variety of management roles. My current role in regulation and compliance requires me to be challenging and supportive of my colleagues in equal measure. I hope these skills translate well to being a governor and I am looking forward to supporting the school.

Bullish Park Primary School
Bullish Park Primary School

Mrs Fyonna Muckian

Co-opted Governor

I have recently become a Co-opted Governor at Burlish Park Primary School having previously been a Parent Governor.

I am a parent of two girls, one at Burlish Park and the other at the University of Worcester. I am also the School Business Manager at Burlish Park.

My role in the Governing Body is to assist the Leadership and Management of the school and also to offer expertise in the areas of financial management, HR, premises and health and safety. As well as full governors, I sit on the Finance and Personnel committee and also Premises, Health and Safety.

Mrs Stella Holloway

Associate Governor

I have been a governor since 2012 and I have 2 children in the school. I recently changed by position from parent governor to associate. I believe that every child should receive the best possible support and education and am passionate about eradicating the attainment gap that can exist for disadvantaged children. I have worked for many years in both the public and private sectors and my key skill areas are in strategic development, change management, engagement, return analysis and budget management.

Bullish Park Primary School
Bullish Park Primary School

Mrs Anna Allen

Associate Governor

I am a parent of three daughters; one at Burlish Park Primary and two at Stourport High School and VIth Form Centre. I work at another primary school looking after a child with special needs.
After being a parent governor for many years I have become an associate governor .  I  attend all the governor meetings, discussing all areas of school management from the curriculum to staffing. I enjoy all aspects of school life especially listening to the children’s experience of being at Burlish Park. I support the Burlish Fundraising Group and have attended the re-introduction of the Parent Focus Group which promotes communication between parents and staff.

Mr Wayne Berry

Associate Governor

I am a Dad of two children who are both at Stourport High School. I am a Firefighter working at Bromsgrove and have been on the full governing body for the last four years. My role on the governing body has now changed from Local Authority governor to Associate governor. I enjoy visiting Burlish Park and try to do so as often as possible.  I advise on the health and fire safety of the school. I also teach fire safety to year 5 every year and visit nursery when they do their “People who help us” topic.

Bullish Park Primary School

Mrs Vicky Davison

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All Minutes for the Full Governing Board and the three Committees (Teaching and Learning, Finance and Personnel and Premises and Health and Safety) are located at the School Office if you wish to view them. Please note, items marked confidential are not for public view.

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