Early Help statement
Early Help offer flowchart

Pupils are referred to the Speech and Language Therapy Service when there are concerns around speech, language and communication. The younger a child is when difficulties are addressed, the more successful the outcome. This easily accessible website contains extremely useful advice and resources for both parents and professionals. Please find the time to peruse the site and the invaluable information it contains. If you have concerns about your child’s speech and language development and would like to discuss them with school, please ask to speak to a member of the Access and Inclusion team.
Speech and Language Therapy

The WHP service supports families who need some quick intervention to prevent emerging problems around such issues as poor school attendance, sleep problems, behaviour etc, escalating to more serious levels. We have a home/school link worker, Helen, who works with our families, meeting in school and at home. If you wish to discuss your concerns with school, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also contact WHP on 01562 851292.

“You don’t realise what a big difference you have made to my family.” (parent using the WHP service)

“I have better coping methods. I use strategies so often now that they feel like my own. Link Worker helped me build my confidence in my parenting skills. I was surprised at how quickly I built up a rapport with the LW and how quickly I felt I could be honest with them. Go for it! WHP support is awesome.” (parent using the WHP service)

“I am braver.” (child using the WHP service)

This service is based in our local children’s centres. Please look at the website to discover the range of services on offer at these centres.

10:32 Wyre Forest Website
If parents are looking for family support the Early Help Hub will be able to help and guide you.
Please call 01905 822666.

If you have any concerns about your child’s health and development, we are able to meet with you and refer your concerns to a member of the school nursing team. Please ask to speak to Kay Jones if you feel this service could help you.

KEMP hospice provides bereavement counselling to families and has been supporting our pupils within school for several years. If your child has been bereaved and you feel would be helped by bereavement counselling, please ask speak to Kay Jones who will be able to contact the team for support.