Here at Burlish Park Primary we have always adopted a nurturing approach in support of our pupils and families. In attempting to enhance the support provided, we have invested in the Thrive programme and now have five trained Thrive practitioners.

There may be many reasons why children experience gaps in their emotional development, and Thrive is a programme designed to help plug these gaps and ensure children are able to access their learning. The programme uses our knowledge and understanding of the children to help us provide the appropriate individual support. This support will include a combination of sensory and creative activities and the development of a positive relationship in school with a key adult. Some children will have long term involvement in the programme and others may only need to participate for a short time.

We have created an inviting, safe, relaxing environment in our Thrive room and many pupils have benefited from and continue to benefit from the Thrive approach with positive and successful outcomes.

Thrive has become embedded throughout our school with all staff adopting the ethos and we will continue to develop the programme building on our successes.

If anyone feels they would like further information about the programme, please do not hesitate to contact school and ask to speak to Kay Jones.

Staff voice

‘Alfie, our school Thrive dog – helping a child come out from under a table and calm him down almost instantly.’

‘Preparing Year 6 children for high school by having group Thrive session’

‘Individual children feeling comfortable to chat about anything that is on their mind’

‘Thrive is creating ways of helping each child to become more confident and happier with themselves; enabling them to develop, flourish and succeed alongside their peers.’

‘Our children need a person they can rely on when everything around them changes and Thrive does that.’