Children at Burlish Park Primary use the Internet on a regular basis as part of their learning. Technology enhances learning, and we at Burlish Park want to ensure pupils get the most from it, by encouraging responsible online behaviour.

In school, we have appropriate filters and monitoring systems, to ensure that children are kept safe and concerns can be spotted quickly.

We also have regular ‘e-safety’ activities to remind children of the importance of keeping themselves safe online.

Top Tips to help keep your child safe online

Every time we go online there are lots of choices we have to make. For example, which game should I play? Should I reply to that message? Should I click that button? Remember to make choices that are kind, respectful and safe and always check with an adult if you’re unsure about something online.

If you are about to do something online that will affect other people, make sure to ask, ‘is it okay’? If someone says no, we need to respect their choice and choose to do something different that won’t worry or upset them​

Always keep personal information safe online and check with an adult before you share. Personal information includes your full name, where you live and where you go to school and it can belong to you or someone you know. If someone is asking for your personal information online, then tell an adult and never agree to meet up with someone you only know online.

What do you know about the internet, and what does it know about you? The internet can sometimes collect information about us when we sign up to new apps and games. If you’re not sure why you are being asked for this, check with an adult first. ​

Always tell an adult you trust if anything worries or upsets you online or you feel confused about a choice you have to make. Going online should be fun but sometimes we all need a little help and there are lots of people who can help you, like a parent, teacher or grandparent.

If you have children age 3-7 you may find these videos helpful to start a discussion about safe internet use.

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Online safety video

If you have children age 7-11 you may find these videos helpful to start a discussion about safe internet use.

Data Detectives
Online consent
Safer Internet Quiz
Your choice or mine video
Jigsaw video

If you have older teenage children you might find these resources useful.

Social Media Guide
Your Choice or Mine Video
“Surf” feat. Christian Foley for 11-14 year olds

Visit the Ce-op website to report inappropriate material or contact with children.

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