Week commencing 14th September

Dear Parents and Carers,

During this period of isolation, it is paramount that we strive to ensure that your child’s education is not interrupted. Therefore, we will be sending daily home school learning plans that would replicate the learning that your child would have received if they had been in school this week. We have attached their timetable for the week which also replicates the timetable they follow in school. Hopefully this will help you to plan your week ahead.

Today we have attached Monday’s plans along with all of the resources and links to interactive lessons and storytelling videos that you will need. Any Seesaw activities can be submitted once completed so that your child’s teacher can mark it and give feedback to your child. Any worksheets or writing activities should be sent back into school with your child on their return so that it can be marked and filed in their learning journeys.

If you need any of the worksheets or resources printed off then please email the office today to inform them. They will create the daily packs for you to collect at an appropriate time.

As part of our home school learning package that we have put together this week for you, teachers will also be making a call to discuss your child’s home learning, wellbeing and to offer any further support that you might need during this time. You will be receiving three phone calls across the week and these will be today, Wednesday and Friday. Please note that they will be made from a withheld number.

We thank you in advance for your ongoing support at this time and remind you that we are here if you need us. Please contact the office and they will ensure the message is passed on for a member of staff to contact you.

Kind regards,

The Early Years team.

Story telling with Mrs Wilcox
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Monday 14th September
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Week commencing 13th July

HOme Learning week 12

Week commencing 6th July

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Week commencing 29th June

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Week commencing 22nd June

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Week commencing 15th June

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Week commencing 8th June

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Week commencing 1st June

HOme Learning week 6
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Circus Yoga Poses
Complete the pattern
Tell the time 1
Tell the time 2
Tell the time 3
Interactive clock games
Colour by number
Playdough mats
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Week commencing 18th May

HOme Learning week 5
Cinderella story
Cinderella colouring
3D shape

Week commencing 11th May

HOme Learning week 4
Back to earth with a bump story
ALiens on Mars Addition
I Spy to 20
I Spy checklist
I Spy answers
Aliens colouring page
Blank space page
Half lined paper
Hand and foot print aliens
simple sentence cards
space themed printing picture
count and add
pencil control
scissor skills
number formation workbook
number formation
maths activity book
mindfulness colouring

Week commencing 4th May

Week 3
MIni beast hunt
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Week commencing 27th April

Home Learning week 2
Thai elephants
Elmer colouring sheet
Elephant maks
Colour by number

Week commencing 20th April

RWI phonics timetable
Learning at Home
Tiger masks
Tiger story sequencing
Tiger half lined paper
Tiger border paper
Tiger stick puppets
Tiger invitations